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Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
How are you doing? I hope you are well. I was just waiting for this Friday so bad and it is finally here! I cannot explain you how happy I am about it. I hope I will manage to do a lot of thinks I am planning to do this weekend. Sometimes, I put a lot of things on my to-do lists and I don’t manage to do all of them so I would recommend you, if you are into planning and writing things (using planners, journals or to-do lists) to know your limit. You need to have enough time to rest over the weekend , too, if you are living a stressful life (read : going to school or having a stressful job). Appreciate your time and use it wisely but give yourself some time to rest,too.
Now let’s get into this post!
This one is going to be just a short post as a chance for me to notify you about new offers on Zaful for Spring and Summer time. 
There, you can find long beach dresses for you , and some of them i will be sharing in this post so keep reading. 

I think they all have unique and cute prints which are perfect for upcoming sunny days. 
On Zaful, you can find amazing sales right now so I’d suggest you checking these dresses out as well as white slip dresses here .You can also find more floral wrap dresses here . On Zaful blog, you can find more about newest collections and products, things that are popular right now, buyer’s guide and how to style different products that can be bought on Zaful. 
I think it’s a great blog for someone who loves fashion so I hope you will check it out right after you finish reading this post.
The first dress is in white and blue colour in stripes pattern . It’s really pretty and I love this little bow around the waist. I think it’d make a really pretty outfit for Spring and Summer days that are coming. The next one is a white dress with little colorful pom poms and I see it as a dress for beach, like to throw it on over your bikini or swimsuit and it is really cute!
The third one can also be worn as a beach dress but as an everyday outfit, too. It’s a pretty white dress with red and light blue details on the top. It is spreading from the waist to the bottom and it’s probably over the knee dress.
Last but not least, is this lovely, again, white dress with floral details. It also has an interesting cut outs on the sides on the waist and it is a really pretty dress. 
We slowly came to the end of this one! 
Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you will find some nice dresses for Summer and Spring time!
Love you all so much and talk to you really soon!


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