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Hi, I am here again! Haha, I am planning to publish three Zaful posts tonight because I want to separate different offers I find interesting on Zaful, because I want you to be able to read the content you are interested in. So , if you are interested in swimwear and planning to do some swimwear or kimono cover up shopping, keep reading! 

Zaful really surprised me with their offer of swimsuits and cover ups. I really like these new ones just uploaded on Zaful! 
So, there you can find sexy bikini 2018 and zaful girls swimwear here .
The highlighted colour for this Spring and Summer of 2018 could be purple because Zaful offers great purple swimsuits. I’m so sorry I didn’t put any photo of them up there but you can find them on Zaful, just by searching purple swimsuit zaful or clicking on that words from my blog. 
What do you think, which colour could be highlighted or popular swimsuit colour this year?
Hmm… I think for 2017 it was white or neon pinkish colours. Do you remember the colour you saw the most on the beaches?
Write me in the comments down bellow!
The first photo on this collage is a lovely cover up kimono with amazing print and cute details of these little straps on the sleeves. I really like this one. The second is a lovely swimsuit in nude pinkish colour with such an interesting details on the top and on the bottom part. On the top, it has like a little glittery details and on the bottom there are straps on the both sides. Also, colour is so pretty, especially when you get tanned in the Summer and it makes a great contrast when you have light coloured bikini or swimsuit.
Next, we have another cover up. This one also has lovely details, and it is in dark blue colour. The details are so pretty and interesting, especially like a little strap all over the borders. I imagine how cute would it be to just trow this on over your swimsuit and put on some sandals or wear it over a tank top and some shorts or jeans. It could be great adding to different kind of outfits.
And last, but definitely not least, bikini in red colour. How pretty is this colour ? Really! It is so,so pretty! The swimsuit itself is just plain but with straps that go all around your belly and waist which I think became like a really popular trend last summer so I hope I’ll get one of these for Summer time. 
Love you all and talk to you soon… Like really soon. Sooner than you think haha.


  1. Ajme, jedva čekam ljeto! Ovaj crveni kupaći mi je i više nego divan. Zaful zaista ima odličnu ponudu stvari za svako godišnje doba, tako i za ljeto. Još nisam provjerila cijeli asortiman kupaćih kostima na Zaful stranici, ali sad si me sjetila da je ljeto uskoro tu i da bi bilo super da na vrijeme rezerviram svoj kupaći sa Zafula. Sigurna sam da ću upravo na tom mjestu pronaći nešto po mom ukusu!

    Veliki pozdravi iz Hrvatske! 🙂
    What's up, Ivy?

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