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Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
Two days ago, it was International Women’s Day (March 8th) and I wanted to write and publish this post that day but I was drowning in my school and private obligations and I hadn’t time for that. But here, I am today with a really important topic to talk about, if you ask me.

Women have always been fighting for equality between them and men and we pay so much attention on that now that we forget something I think could be of greater value to fight for.
We should encourage women to support other women.Women have been seeing each other as competitions. I’ve been loving a quote which says ‘Real queens fix each other’s crowns.’ Women can be great and make great things happen. But we need each other. We all need some help sometimes to accomplish our goals and I became aware that when I ask for help from other girls wanting the same things I want, there are some of them that think helping me would reduce their chances to succeed and I am becoming really sad about it so I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Of course, there are positive examples for this, too and one of them, for me, is related to blogging. I’ve met incredible young women through this wonderful hobby and a lot of them have been helping me ever since we first got in touch. We share opinions about blogging, help each other grow our blogs and following, giving shout outs and just empowering and motivating each other to not give up on this, to keep writing. I am extremely grateful for that women because they make me see the good side of the world, where there is no competition between us, where the only person you should competing with is the person you were yesterday. Help each other and see amazing things happen.

That is basically one of the reasons why I do this hobby of blogging because I want to help girls out there by sharing my opinion about different things. So this post will be a review of things I recently got from Zaful which I am more than satisfied with to share with you some products I think are going to be popular this Spring. The first thing I got was this lovely pink jacket. I think it’s not available right now but I will still leave you a link below so you can check it yourself. I think Zaful literally has the most beautiful jackets/coats of this type. It’s not made for Winter but for like colder Spring days or warmer Autumn ones. It’s really pretty and the colour is perfect for this time. I love it and highly recommend it to you because of it’s quality and unique style. 
The next item I got were these sunglasses with metal frame in silver colour. I had mirror type of sunglasses before in blue but I broke them (always been clumsy) so I decided to get new ones. I’m recently all into silver and grey colour so I though these were perfect. 
I didn’t regret choosing these ones because they are really quality pair of sunglasses but I don’t know how I look wearing them, I am still unsure about it. I am recommending you these sunglasses as well, they are really affordable right now on Zaful so be sure to check them out. 
The last but not least thing I will be reviewing in this post from Zaful are these gorgeous sneakers with the cutest ribbons as shoelaces. I am in love with these sneakers because they are so comfortable. I got them in size 38 which I usually wear, actually I maybe wear half a size smaller like 37.5. I think they will be perfect for spring time. I like the design, the quality is amazing and they are really cute paired with the jacket I showed you before.
That was all for this post! Thank you so much for reading! Love you all so much and talk to you really soon!


  1. Ajme predivan post!
    A fotkicama sam o d u š e v lj e n a!!
    Preeelijepa si, outfit mi se jaako sviđa, baš nešto što bih i sama nosila , jakna je vrhunska, šteta što je trenutno sold out, inače bih i sama odmah naručila :/ ♥

  2. Sjajan post, draga moja. Oduševljena sam kako si ovo dvino napisala. A stvarčice koje si dobila su stvarno jako c u t e. Svaka čast na izboru.

    Novi post je na mom blogu. Volela bih da pogledaš: Kako se rešiti stresa?

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