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Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
Since it’s been a long time I did a makeup wishlist on my blog I decided this post should be all about the makeup products I would love to try out.
I came across web shop called ShopMissA where every product of makeup, accessories or hair tools costs only $1 and I was really surprised to see how quality these products look like.
I am planning on doing a little shopping on this web shop so I decided to share with you what would I love to get from there. 
*This post is not sponsored by ShopMissA in any way.*
This web shop has a few brands to shop from and now, they even have their own brand which is AOA Studio so most of the products I put on my wishlist were from there. 
Except the first product which is from the brand Amuse and it’s an eyeliner. I really like the type of eyeliner brushes like this one and I’d love to try this product. It also says this eyeliner is matte which sounds cool, I wonder would it really leave different effect than the usual liquid eyeliner.
These applicators are really easy to use and make applying eyeliner faster and easier.
AOA Studio seems to have really nice highlighters offer and this ‘Cupcake‘ shade seems so pretty and pigmented but I cannot say more until I try it.
The next product would be brow pomade which seems to be recommended by a lot of YouTubers and bloggers as the easiest way to style your brows. I don’t usually do any makeup with my brows but I am curious about this product. 
AOA Studio also has their own BB cream. I use BB cream always instead of any other foundation and I’d love to try a new BB cream by this brand.
They also have such a wonderful offer when it comes to lips products. On the last photo, you can see matte liquid lipsticks. They are available in few lovely shades and I honestly want all of them because they look really good.
So we came to the very end of this wishlist! I hope you have enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading ! Please comment down below which is your favourite product from this wishlist.
Love you all and talk to you really soon!


  1. Ja sam imala priliku surađivati sa ovim sajtom i zaista su odlični. AQA proizvodi su vrhunski, probala sam dosta toga i zaista tople preporuke imaš za većinu proizvoda, samo evo vidim ovdje si ubacila ovaj highlighter u wishlistu, njega ne bih preporučila, nije baš nešto pigmentiran. ♥

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