Beauty & Makeup Haul

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
I have bought a few beauty and makeup items recently and I decided to make a small haul! 
I hope you will enjoy it!
There are five products in this haul. The first one is Garnier Ultra Doux hair reconstructing shampoo. I have tried it and I must say the smell is gorgeous and hair is so soft after using this one. The next one is a product I have been using before, it’s Garnier BB cream for combination to oily skin. Perfect product for someone who has the same type of skin as I do which is combination skin and for someone who doesn’t need a full coverage because this product isn’t providing you that. Great for daily use and I think it will be amazing for hot days that are coming because it feels so light on the skin. The third product is the one my sister got, it’s Balea bath salt. It looks like an interesting product. When she tries it, I will share with you is it a good product. Essence eyebrow palette is the next on this list. As you already know, I am not used to using anything when it comes to makeup for my brows because I love that natural eyebrows look. But, I wanted to try this one out because I thought the shades of this palette really fit me and after trying it, I must say I am surprised on how they keep my brows looking natural but still fixes what needs to be fixed. A lovely product so far.
Last but definitely not least, a product that smells unbelievably good – Alverde Beauty & Fruity cleansing foam. I cannot even explain you how good this smells. The mixture of apple and lime smell… Really good! It has awakening effect and I like to use it in the morning to kind of wake myself up and for removing my makeup. For removing makeup, it does it’s job but nothing impressive. I’m mostly pleasantly surprised by the smell and the texture , because , I mean foam… It’s an innovative way of face cleansing. I love it!
That was all for this post and for my little haul, I really hope you have enjoyed it!
Thank you so much for reading, I love you all and talk to you really soon!


  1. Essence paleta za obrve je provjereno dobra, i sama ju koristim i jako sam zadovoljna. Ostale proizvode nisam isprobala, ali hvala na preporukama!
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  2. I have tried Balea salts, but different smells. And their smells were fantastic. 🙂

    I also know this Essence palette and it was "good for its price" 🙂

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