Sunglasses Lounge Haul / Review

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
Sometimes it happens I lose my inspiration for writing posts here or I am just lazy but I want to change that. Since the school is over, I will try to post every single day from now because I remember doing that the last Summer and all of you liked it.
I just need more of your feedback, you should totally tell me in the comments below the post or E-mail me if there is a certain topic you want to suggest me I should write about.
In today’s post, I am doing a haul/review from Sunglasses Lounge because I got three pair of sunglasses from there and I wanted to tell you something about this web shop, shipping time and quality of the products. 
First of all, let me tell you something about the web shop and shipping time. Lastly, I will show you the products and tell do I like them.
Web shop is based in Netherlands and it amazed me with the number of different styles and brands of sunglasses they are offering! Something worth checking out.
They ship internationally. It took only 16 days/ 13 working days to arrive from Netherlands to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am really satisfied and I was surprised when they came on my doors so quickly.
To start off talking about the products, I want to select these ‘Sandra’ sunglasses as something I was not sure about but luckily brave enough to order. And I would definitely regret if I didn’t!
I absolutely love them! The combination of purple,pink and orange is stunning and great for the Summer time. Something I’d actually call ‘Summer sunglasses’.
The shape is also really interesting and I think they suit me good, although I have always felt like no sunglasses ever could look good on me.  They are really quality sunglasses and I have nothing bad to say about them! You have all of my recommendations!
The next ones are Classic & Stylish Black sunglasses. I think everybody needs a pair of simple black sunglasses like these ones and I didn’t have them before, so I was so happy to find these on Sunglasses Lounge. I really like them, they are so quality and stylish. 
In the comments down below tell me which ones look the best on me. 
The last, but definitely not least, the most gorgeous ones – ‘Precious’ sunglasses. The name says it all! They are stunning mirrored gray sunglasses with flower gold details. 
All of these sunglasses are from Sunglasses Lounge (Vendor) collection and they all costed $24.99. 
And that was all for this post! Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have enjoyed this post! 
Love you all so much and talk to you really soon!


  1. Woow! Definitivno se ne mogu odlučiti koje su bolje i ljepše, ali svakako one prve obaraju *-*

    Pitanja za Q&A možeš postavljati na mom blogu -> Peany

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