Take Care Of Hair Extensions Extend Their Life

Hair extensions give us the gift of protection and ease when it comes to maintaining our hair. Just as mindfully as we take care of any of the important items in our life, it is equally important we know how to take care of human hair extensions.

Good maintenance means knowing how to wash human hair extensions and the best hair care products to use to make sure your human hair extensions have a long and happy life. Taking care of hair extension is much like taking care of our natural hair; essentially all of the same rules apply such as keeping up with regular washes, making sure to brush the hair daily, and using the best products.


When it comes time to wash your hair extension you want to make sure you have all products you will need and space to allow your hair extensions to air dry. Everything you would normally do to your natural hair you can cut in half when dealing with your hair extensions. Instead of the normal two shampoos, you would give to your natural hair, hair extensions would only need one shampoo. We love the Hydra Conditioner from BeautiMark!

And, for conditioner, we also love the Hydra Conditioner by BeautiMark! For conditioning, instead of leaving it on the hair for thirty minutes, you would only leave it on for fifteen minutes. Once the hair is washed and conditioned you to want to make sure it is combed out and laid out flat to air dry. This will allow the hair to maintain its natural texture and prevent any damage a hairdryer could cause. In addition, how to take care of clip-in extensions is the same – just be sure to not get the clips wet!


Knowing how to wash human hair extensions is only one portion of how to extend the life of your extensions. Maintenance is key; just like we need a trim every six weeks, it’s a good idea to give your hair extension a trim after a few months. Overtime extension begins to shed hair and can have split ends, just like our natural hair if we do not care for it properly. Some people even repurpose their hair extension by cutting the hair into a new style entirely, which is the best way to get as much use, from your extension, as possible. Check out our FAQ page to see more maintenance tips!


When you understand the best hair care products to use for human hair extensions, you can ensure a long life for your hair extensions. When searching for products to use always look for hair care that is gentle, organic/natural, or for sensitive hair. As we all know hair extension do not have roots for follicles to grow back; that’s why gentle formula’s work the best because it allows the hair to maintain it’s luster and health versus stronger hair care products that could strip or damage the hair strands.

It may seem like hair extensions are high maintenance, but if you were to compare your natural hair distributors routine with your hair extensions routine you would quickly decide which one you’d rather do. The best part of knowing how to take care of hair extension is how much you will save in the long run; think of it as protecting your investment. The better you become at taking care of your hair extension, the better off you and your wallet will be.


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