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Today’s post on my blog is going to be all about ordering shoes online, my review of two pair of shoes I got from Rosegal and my experiences in ordering shoes multiple times from multiple different webshops!

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Hello, my dear readers and welcome to the new post on my blog which is going to be about ordering shoes online. Everything you need to know about it including my review of two pairs of shoes from webshop called Rosegal. I will include my previous experiences of ordering shoes online! So let’s just jump right into this because there’s a lot to be said!
Firstly, shoes’ number or choosing the wrong shoes’ number or shoes’ number not being true on webshops is one of the biggest reasons people just avoid ordering shoes online. I think that shouldn’t be a problem at all. If you are familiar with how ordering clothes or ordering anything at all functions online it is really easy. When you are ordering something, you need to be aware there are size charts in every webshop. BUT size charts can be different from webshop to webshop. You can’t order on Rosegal following a size chart from ZAFUL. If you understand what I am saying. My shoes’ number on one site can be 38 and yet on another, I can fit in 36. It’s all about the standard they are following while sorting their numbers. Always open the size chart and follow centimeters or inches of the length of your foot. Find your number that way.
The second thing you should take care of is the shoes’ width. Not every foot on the Earth has the same width, logically and sometimes, for example, number 36 fits me by the length but the width doesn’t fit me because it’s too narrow for my feet to fit in those shoes. That’s when I take a size up and you won’t even feel the difference in length and your feet will feel a lot more comfortable.
Prices and smart shopping is something you should pay attention to. If you see nice shoes on one webshop and you like them so much but they are expensive for your budget, why not searching for the same ones on the other webshops instead of spending more money. Just copy the shoes’ name and paste it to Google search, maybe take a few words out of it because names on Rosegal, for example, are pretty long: Stud Slip-on Espadrille Flat Sneakers, I will take of Flat Sneakers and search them on another webshop. You may not always find the same shoes, but you will definitely find similar ones.
ordering shoes online review and experiences rosegal webshop livinglikev fashion blogger living like v fashion style blogger honest review tips
ordering shoes online review and experiences rosegal webshop livinglikev fashion blogger living like v fashion style blogger honest review tips
Now let’s start with the review! I got two pairs of shoes from Rosegal and the first ones are these sneakers you see on the photos up there. I really, really like these sneakers because they are so comfortable, they have a high sole or platform which makes me look taller. The shoes are in this beautiful beige colour with darker beige or yellow-to-brown details. They have an interesting way of tying which makes them even cooler. This type of shoes are really popular right now but I don’t like the ones I use to see on Instagram and other social media because they have a bunch of colours and the sole is a way too high, much higher than the sole on my shoes. These ones are just having it all: medium hight sole, a combination of just 3-4 colours but neutral ones and comfortableness. I got them in size 38 because they weren’t available in 37 and I think 37 would fit my leg way better but I can wear them like this, too, and they don’t look huge on the feet. I’ve just realized Rosegal doesn’t offer size chart on their product page but you can always ask customer service to tell you the length in centimetres or inches. About these shoes, just two words- highly recommended! You can get them -> HERE for the price of $28.13.
That’s a usual price for a pair of sneakers like these ones, even a bit cheaper than you can buy them in person but you cannot definitely find shoes like these in person! At least in my country, there are shoes of this type only in three hundred colours or with way too high sole! So, if you are like me and are searching for the same type of shoes, try searching on Rosegal.
ordering shoes online review and experiences rosegal webshop livinglikev fashion blogger living like v fashion style blogger honest review tips
The second pair of shoes are these lovely espadrilles in white colour. They have silver colour studs all over the edges. They look so pretty! As I talked in the first lines of this blog post, the width of the shoes is really important. I got these in 38 size, too. But they are a bit narrow for me, but I tried wearing them and I can wear them. They will just need time to adjust to my feet. The length fits me, but the width doesn’t, I hope they will outspread in time. Other than that, because of the rubber sole, they are so comfortable. I think I will wear them a lot in Summertime. If Summer comes at all, seeing the weather now makes me think it’ll never come… Anyways, you also have my recommendations for these ones, but take a size up if you have wider feet. They cost $35.33. 
And you can get them –> HERE. By the way, the brand on the box and written on the shoes is ZAFUL. They make their own shoes!
That would be everything for this post! I really hope you’ve liked it and enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you! I hope I helped you with your doubts if you should order online and what you should pay attention to. Ordering shoes online is always a good idea if you are tired of seeing the same shoes on everyone in your town. If you want to have something a bit different, and yet not spend much money, order online. Thank you so much for reading my post and visiting my blog! Write to me in the comment section below- have you ever ordered shoes online and what are your experiences? I love you all and talk to you really soon!
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