Rosegal Haul | Late Winter Edition

I am finally here today with another Rosegal haul! I have been trying to do this one for a long time now and since I have collected all of my needed photos, I am here with late Winter Rosegal haul!

Hello my dear readers and welcome to another post on my blog which is going to be Rosegal haul! I know you probably aren’t used to reading Winter haul posts in May but what can we do when I forgot to do it before? I still wanted to share with you review of some amazing items I got there which I wore all Winter, which I really love and am planning to wear next Winter, too. So keep reading to find out more about what I got from Rosegal web shop this time! Or that time? It was a long time ago, actually!
So let’s start with the first product which would be black sweater you see on the photo above. Sweater is really tight, it has this interesting cut and zippers on the sleeves. Material is beautiful, it fits flattering on the body and I really like it! You have my recommendations for this sweater. The price on the site is $15.39. It’s available in only one size which is universal size and I think it fits everyone who wears S to M sizes. I like that it can be worn with just plain jeans and it looks like you actually tried hard for that outfit, it makes it special and it looks good! You can order it –> HERE.
The next clothing item I will talk about is a gorgeous pink sweatshirt. It’s so unusual and special because of the details on the sleeves. A lot of girls on Instagram has asked me about this sweatshirt when I posted a photo wearing it. You could say it’s padded because it’s thicker from the inside and it has soft warm material. I was amazed by the details on the sleeves and I had to have it! I have ordered it in M size and it fits me perfectly. You can order it by the price of $15.25 clicking on the link –> HERE.
The next thing is a winter jacket which I didn’t order for myself. Jacket is really light when you wear it, it’s warm and zippers are quality made as well as the fur. It’s great! You have my recommendations for this jacket. It’s currently not available on the web shop but now I will leave you link so you could check it out and save it if you like it because it might be available again later –> HERE.
And last, but definitely not least, item in this Rosegal haul would be this gray sweatshirt with sequined reindeer on it. It’s so cute and it was really cheap the time I was ordering it so I got it to use it as a pajamas and I was really, really surprised how nice and soft the material is. It feels so light when you wear it and it’s so comfortable. It costs $13.17 now and you can get it –> HERE !
That was all for this post! Thank you so much for reading this post and visiting my blog, I am really happy to have you here! To receive updates of my new posts, please subscribe to my newsletter! Love you all and talk to you really soon!
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Bye, V


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