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Floral Summer Outfit

Welcome to another post on my blog which is going to be a floral Summer outfit post! Keep reading to find out how you can easily get a cute outfit with just one clothing piece!

Hello, my lovely readers and welcome to floral Summer outfit post! I will be sharing with you an outfit I wore multiple times this Summer and that can be worn in two ways. The first way is over the swimsuit on the beach. The second way could be dressing up with this cute floral outfit. The main piece of this outfit is a romper! You could’ve probably guessed it because I mentioned it’s just one piece that this outfit is made with.

floral summer outfit livinglikev fashion blogger living like v style blogger

Except for shoes. You obviously need shoes. I like to pair my colorful sandals from Rosegal which I got a long time ago and they’re still looking as new. The romper is also from Rosegal. It’s a wide-leg romper and I liked it on the webshop because I saw the length is acceptable for me. Usually, rompers are really, like really, short and I don’t like that style.

Do you prefer shorter rompers or longer ones? Do you like the length of this one? When it comes to material, I didn’t think it would be this see-through because it can’t be seen on the webshop. That’s why I mostly wear it over a swimsuit. The material is not that nice because it feels plastic but it’s not that bad either. I would say the rate for material would be 2.5 stars out of 5. It’s off shoulders romper and I like the elastic band which makes it off shoulders because it’s easy to style it that way, it doesn’t go up.

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When it comes to floral print, I am really picky about that. I like simple floral prints like this one. It’s really pretty and I got lots of compliments for this romper. I would recommend you getting this romper as a cover-up for the beach. Otherwise, if you would like to wear it for everyday occasions, you would need to wear proper underwear which wouldn’t be seen under it. It was 18.74 USD on Rosegal and you can find it here -> ROSEGAL ROMPER.

That would be everything for this post! I really hope you’ve liked it! I will be doing more outfit posts like this one in the future and I am really excited about it. Can you guess the location of these photos? I might have been on a trip! And, I might be doing a post about it soon! Stay tuned for that and subscribe to my newsletter to get a notification E-mail as soon as I publish a new post! Love you all so much and talk to you really soon!


Bye, V

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