Green Blouse Outfit

Green Blouse Outfit is the topic of today’s post on my blog. Keep reading to find out where you can buy this blouse and more!

green blouse outfit livinglikev fashion blogger blooming jelly green shirt

Hello, my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog which is going to be a green blouse outfit post! I named this post by this green blouse because it’s one of my favourite shirts ever! I really like everything about it. The style of the blouse is just my style. The colour is beautiful and the material is light and airy. I like materials like this because I can wear it in seasons when you don’t actually know what to wear- Autumn and Spring. In these seasons it’s always too cold for T-shirts but too warm for sweaters.

green blouse outfit livinglikev fashion blogger living like v style blogger blooming jellly

That’s why I like this blouse! I think it can be paired with any jeans I own and it will still look amazing. It can also be worn as nighttime clothing item when you are going out as well as everyday occasions as going to work or to school. It has ruffles as details which give it a special look, V-neck, and buttons on the sleeves. I won’t tell you anything more about this outfit as I usually do because I want you to see the rest in my new IGTV video where I shared this outfit besides two more as Autumn fashion inspiration. CLICK HERE TO WATCH
And, if you really like this shirt I am wearing, you can buy it HERE for the price of only $18.99. It’s from web shop called Blooming Jelly.

green blouse outfit livinglikev fashion blogger living like v style blogger blooming jelly

That would be everything for this post! Thank you so much for reading and visiting my blog! I really appreciate your presence here! Don’t forget to leave me a comment down below to tell me if you like this blouse and to subscribe to my newsletter! That way you can receive notification E-mails whenever I publish a new post on my blog!

I love you all so much and talk to you really soon!


Bye, V

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