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Makeup & Skincare Wishlist 2020

I felt like setting some goals for the upcoming year, so here is my first official wishlist for 2020 and it is going to be a makeup & skincare wishlist 2020! Hope you will like it and enjoy it!

makeup skincare wishlist livinglikev fashion blogger living like v fashion blogger

Hello, my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog which is going to be a makeup & skincare wishlist 2020. I will share with you the full list of products I currently have in mind to save money for in 2020. These products are a bit more expensive for my current budget (hint: 0€/0$/0£ haha I’m just joking) so I am starting to save for them and kind of make myself happy once in a while and buy some products from this wishlist. That sounded like I’m all about materialism but I’m really not, I just think that little things like buying yourself a gift once in a while can boost anyone’s mood.

Pixi Glow Tonic is something I’ve been seeing A LOT on my Instagram feed everyday! I really do think this product could be something amazing because it’s not possible that that much people hype about it if it’s not special and amazing. It costs about 10-15 dollars, depends on where you are shopping for it. For 100ml of tonic, that is a bit more expensive!

Real Techniques Setting Brush & Real Techniques Eye Shade + Blend Brush Set  are the Real Techniques brushes which are the most alluring to me. The setting brush costs about 4-6 dollars and eye shade and blend brush set costs about 7 dollars. I don’t have any Real Techniques brushes in my collection and I would really love to buy one just to try it out.

The Ordinary Everyday Routine Starter Pack is the perfect set to start using The Ordinary products. The Ordinary is one of the leading brands when it comes to skincare and I would LOVE to try some of their products out. This would be an investment for me because this set costs about 30 pounds on Beauty Bay. Also, if you have ever tried any of these products but the most importantly The Ordinary products- please write me down all of your impressions and quick reviews.

Colour Pop Liquid Ultra Matt Lipsticks (sunny side & most likely toare also something I have been dying to try out and although they are not that expensive- about 5-6 dollars on their official site, the shipping cost on Colour Pop is $9.99 for international orders, so that’s something that’s been holding me back from actually making the order. One of my blogging fellows has told me that they have free shipping sometimes so I’m waiting for that in 2020.

Sol Glow Oil is one of the most seen things this Summer. Every ad I saw was about this shimmering oil that glows incredibly beautiful. Sol is a company related to Colour Pop and they have the most gorgeous photos of this oil on the skin that just scream: “Buy me!”. It costs about 15 dollars and is available in multiple different colors. In my opinion, ‘warm gold’ is the prettiest! With this on my skin, I would feel like my skin is made out of gold. That would be a good feeling, probably.

Thank you so much for reading this post and coming to the very end of it! I hope you have enjoyed and liked it! Write me down below which of these products are on your wishlist, too! Love you all so much and talk to you really soon!


Bye, V



  1. Uživala sam u čitanju tvoje liste želja i mislim da je planiranje najbolji put do istinskog zadovoljstva. Iako nisam jedna od osoba koja kupuje planski, nadam se da će se to promeniti kod mene jer usputna, sitna zadovoljsta pojedu novac dok frustracije izbijaju iz mene na samu pomisao da sam previdela šta mi je zaista potrebno. Želim ti da što pre ispuniš svaku stavku sa ove liste

    • Hvala ti puno! Da, i ja sam inače taj tip da kupujem usput sve i onda budem nezadovoljna jer ne provjerim detaljno da li mi nešto odgovara (putem recenzija i slično) prije nego što zapravo to kupim…

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