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LookFantastic Haul

LookFantastic haul will be the topic of today’s post on my blog! Keep reading to find out more about this webshop in general and the products I bought!

Hello, my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog which is going to be LookFantastic haul. I bought a few products there and I wanted to share some details about ordering from this webshop and the products I bought. Before we get into this, I want to mention that this post is not sponsored in any way by LookFantastic or any brand I will be mentioning later.  Now, let’s see how I treated myself and which products I crossed off my wishlist…

lookfantastic haul livinglikev fashion blogger look fantastic haul

So, let’s start with the products I am most excited about- The Ordinary products. If you have read my Makeup & Skincare Wishlist 2020, you probably know that I have been wanting to try out The Ordinary cosmetics for a long time now. I have finally crossed that off my wishlist and ordered two The Ordinary products. I did not want to try the popular products everyone is talking about if they aren’t suitable for my skin type. So, I chose two products that are mainly for dry skin:

  1. 100% Plant-Derived Hemi Squalane oil
  2. Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

I like them both so far, more details will be in a review when I feel like I have more words to share about them. The first product was £2.75 and the hyaluronic acid was £5.90.

the ordinary products lookfantastic haul look fantastic livinglikev fashion blogger beauty bloggerthe ordinary products lookfantastic haul look fantastic livinglikev fashion bloggerthe ordinary products lookfantastic haul look fantastic livinglikev fashion blogger beauty blogger living like v

The second brand that I’m trying for the first time is Bleach London. I have seen that this brand has amazing hair products but then I came across their makeup and I wanted to try them out. I didn’t regret it because these two products are just amazing! I ordered:

  1. BLEACH LONDON Lip Kit in Rose (£12, was on sale for £10.20 and now it’s sold out)
  2. BLEACH LONDON Contournuity Bones 5 (£4.50)

I have only the best to say about both of these products, so far. I really like this lip kit because liquid lipstick is longlasting and it looks just amazing on the lips. The contour shade is very well pigmented and it looks really nice on the cheekbones, easy to apply and in just minutes you can have that stunning contoured look.

bleach london lip kit contourity bones livinglikev fashion blogger living like v lookfantastic look fantastic

And last, but definitely not least- a hand cream! I must be honest, I ordered this hand cream because it was the cheapest on the LookFantastic webshop and I found that a reason to order and try it out. Name of this hand cream  Bubble T Hand Cream – Moroccan Mint Tea and it smells so good! It costs only £2.00 BUT I used a coupon code I found on their webshop to save 20% off my order and I saved so much! Don’t forget to use coupon codes while shopping! One more important thing: LookFantastic has absolutely free shipping! Yes, wherever you live, you can order your products and have them shipped out to you with no shipping costs! I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and products arrived in just a week. The usual shipping time is seven to ten days which is amazing!

That would be everything for this post! I really hope you have enjoyed reading it because I enjoyed writing it! I love doing hauls like this one! I like all five products I ordered and I will surely order more from LookFantastic because I like their shipping services and how they safely deliver the products. Thank you so much for reading this post and visiting my blog! I love you all so much and talk to you really soon!


Bye, V

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