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Black Friday on LIGHTINTHEBOX webshop has arrived and they have some amazing offers! Keep reading to find out more!

Hello, my lovely readers and welcome back to my blog or just welcome if you are new here! In this post, I will share with you my wishlist from a webshop called Lightinthebox. On Lightinthebox they have some amazing offers because of Black Friday! They offer free shipping plus up to 85% discounts on every single product. If you want to see their Black Friday offers, click HERE! I have picked up a few of their products to create my own wishlist so I want to share that with you. If we have the same fashion style, I think you’ll like the following items!

black friday on lightinthebox livinglikev fashion bloggerblack friday on lightinthebox livinglikev fashion blogger living like v

Click on the photo and it will lead you to the product page. I like the tie-dye trend because there are so many cute sweatshirts like this one with tie-dye print. When it comes to the second product here, I must say I have never been a fan of regular teddy coats, no matter how famous they are currently in the fashion industry, because I just don’t like that look of a teddy coat where it seems like it was worn for ages although it’s brand new. On the other side, I’m a huge fan of these soft and smooth coats. I don’t know why but they look really fancy and stylish to me! All of the products I am showing you in this wishlist are currently on sale during Black Friday week so be sure to hurry up with shopping!

black friday on lightinthebox livinglikev fashion blogger living like v wishlist lightintheboxblack friday on lightinthebox livinglikev fashion blogger living like v wishlist lightinthebox light in the box

About this black and white coat- I must say it was love on the first sign! A workout set which is pretty like this one may get me in the mood for working out so let’s try this tactic, shall we? Maybe 2021 will be the year when I will be a girl who works out every day and never feels lazy. Just maybe.

So, that would be everything for this post! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading this post till the very end! I appreciate that very much! I hope you’ve enjoyed my wishlist and I hope you’ll get some gorgeous pieces this Black Friday on Lightinthebox! Love you all so much and talk to you really soon!

Bye, V



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