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Today’s topic on Living Like V is leather leggings from Femme Luxe webshop! Keep on reading to find out more!

Hello, my lovely readers! Welcome to the new post on my blog about leather leggings I recently got from Femme Luxe. I managed to pull out a few outfits with them and here I will share two of them. This post could be an inspiration for all of you who are deciding whether you need classic black leggings in your wardrobe. I am sure you will be convinced that these are a fashion must-have currently, after this post.

On Femme Luxe, they are on sale! I would suggest checking them out and finding more information here.

I got them in size 10 and I could have gone for a size smaller. However, I pull them out in outfits like wide-styled leggings. In my opinion, they look amazing in that way, even better than if they were totally clinging to the body.

The only thing I would change is the fact that they don’t have belt holes. Therefore, I would say that is a bit of an issue because they are too wide in the waist area for me. If you take a size down, you could definitely, or at least partly, avoid that problem.

Leather is usually like that – it is hard to find leather pants that will stay in place because this material has a tendency of moving on the body. However, in a fashionable way, they look totally amazing! I’m saying this for leather pants because I recently got a pair from a different shop and they are also wider in the waist area so they have the tendency to fall from the waist area a bit. That’s the problem with the material. But, they have many pros, as well.

leather leggings femmeluxe

You can combine classic leather pants with many different fashion pieces. The options are endless, really! They can be used for a night-out outfit but also for daily casual outfits. The first outfit I will share with you in this post is from a night out and the second is the daily casual outfit. Hope you like them!

leather leggings femmeluxe livinglikev leather leggings femmeluxe livinglikev fashion blogger leather leggings femmeluxe livinglikev fashion blogger living like v

Do you agree that leather pants are definitely a must-have? Write me down below! And oh, don’t forget to tell me whether you already own a pair of leggings! Or, if you will be checking out these leather leggings from Femme Luxe! Femme Luxe is a webshop where you can find many fashionable items! Their women’s loungewear sets are totally amazing, I own a few of them already! Other suggestions are a little black dress, white midi dress, and ripped jeans for women.

Don’t forget to check out Femme Luxe webshop!

Love you all so much and talk to you really soon! Thanks for reading!


Bye, V


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